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Fantasy Fhantoms is a Marion County 4-H club, located in Turner, Oregon. We currently have 17 members. We love horses and love to help our community. Throughout the year we do several community service projects. The highlight of our year is participating in the Marion County Fair, which takes place in July. Our leaders, Ele and Madi Dewar, help us with our horses and individual 4-H projects. We also have several clinics during the year. We have wonderful leaders and parents who help us succeed.

Meet Our 4-H Officers

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Jenna started riding lessons at age five. Jenna is a talented rider and cares for her horse very well! Jenna's favorite pet is her horse Eclipse. Jenna is a very sweet and helpful girl and is a big part of our 4-H club!

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Vice President and Web Master

Sophia has been riding since she was seven years old. She loves her dog Chloe and her horse, Goose. Sophia's favorite times is when she can cuddle with Chloe or spend some quiet time in the stall with Goose.

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Tayler loves all animals, especially her horse, Gus. Gus and Tayler are an experienced pair and look amazing in the show ring. Tayler has been riding for several years and loves to help Gus do his best! 

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Nadia loves many in her four-legged family. Armani and Nadia love working together and are a great team! Nadia enjoys playing the drums and snuggling with her kittens when she isn't at the barn. 

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Morgan and Zoey enjoy riding with friends in the warm, summer sun! They make a wonderful team and shine in the show arena. Zoey loves cuddles, kisses, and treats. Morgan makes sure to treat her often!

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Sergeant at Arms

Hailey and Reno are a team in and out of the show arena. Hailey has been riding and caring for horses for several years. She's a farm girl at heart and a great rider.

Meet Our Members

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Natalie F.

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Natalie D.



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Sophia S.

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